Tuesday, 8 November 2011

ACR Diagnostic Criteria revised


Thresholds for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia have been lowered, creating more exposure for claims under the accident benefits scheme.
Dr. Arthur Ameis expressed this view during a panel discussion at the Canadian Defence Lawyer's Accident Benefits seminar held in Toronto on Oct. 21.
The American College of Rheumatology suspended the use of the ‘tender point test,' a physical exam to diagnosis fibromyalgia, in 2010 because it felt too many patients were being left out of the diagnosis. Instead, the physical exam was replaced with a 24-question survey about the patients' symptoms.
"So, we are going to see a new wave of fibromyalgia diagnosis because the tender point test is out and you're not even supposed to touch the patient," Ameis said. "The difficulty is that people can go online and read the answers and the diagnosis will happen more and more."

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